The Difference Between An Alpha & Sigma Male

I love talking about the male categories based on the alphabet, especially about the sigma male. I think the sigma male is an interesting fellow and in many ways different from the alpha and beta males. Although, like some people argue, a sigma may be a dark triad alpha.  I don’t think that sigma males would necessarily have a dark triad personality.

For those who don’t know what dark triad is: it’s a term from psychology that refers to the personality of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. I think any of the categorized males from gamma to alpha, well except the my interpretation of the zeta male perhaps, can have a dark triad personality.

But like I have discussed before; the sigma male has a number of traits that sets him apart from the rest. Especially the way he approaches the dominance hierarchy. He doesn’t hate the dominance hierarchy, he actually loves it, and because of his non-attachments towards on of the different layers of the hierarchy he is able to move freely through all layers and, basically, take on different shapes like water. Well, this could be view as manipulation of some sort, I would agree with that, but I’d rather call it flexibility, which sounds more positive. 

A big difference between the alpha male and the sigma male is the way they treat other males. The alpha male is attached to the top and want to stay at the top. He knows that his strength – no matter if it is physical strength or intelligence or the fact that he is very dominant verbally – is in correlation with is top position. And that’s why it is necessary in some way that the other males fear him. 

Another thing is that an alpha male is, for a great part, driven by female validation. It’s possibly the greatest reason why he wants to be in that top position, because this gives him a large share of the females. That’s why a typical alpha male has the tendency to compete with other males to keep his position and to be liked by the women. He belittles them, humiliates them, bullies them, whatever it takes to stay the alpha of the room. But this also makes him weak. Especially in the eyes of a sigma, who laughs at the alpha taking so much effort to stay where he is.