3 Reasons Why MGTOW Is Not The Dark Side

There is a lot of negativity around MGTOW. Jordan Peterson has called us pathetic weasels and others accuse us of misogyny and hating women. Well, I just don’t think that’s fair.

Me, at least, I’m not hating women at all. Actually, in many cases, I enjoy the company of a woman. In some cases, I enjoy female attention, I enjoy the connection with a woman, and I do like cuddling and sex. Also, I can enjoy female companionship, but I don’t necessarily need it. My life doesn’t depend on it. That’s a big difference. Also, the prejudice that going your own way is an unhealthy lifestyle, is not true. Long story short: MGTOW is demonized everywhere on the internet. But if we would use the Star Wars analogy of the light and the dark side, I think MGTOW has far more overlap with the Jedi doctrine than the Sith. In this article, I will give you 3 reasons why MGTOW is not the dark side.

Going your own way isn’t hurting anyone. 

As opposed to blue pill men, mangina’s, women, white knights, we are completely minding our own business. We don’t want anything from you and we don’t expect you to want anything from us. But we are free to help and give if we want to. We do not feel obliged, we do not feel entitled to anything. We are not possessive and don’t manipulate or take advantage of others because we don’t need to. We are devoted to our own set of beliefs and values. We are centered and stay close to our own nature. While Sith are out there to hurt and dominate, we do not cause hurt to others and are not interested in power over others. And that’s a good thing. 

MGTOW aims for detachment

Like Buddhist monks or the Stoics we are not clinging to others and we do let our self-worth decided by other people. We are not affected by shaming nor are we afraid of walking alone. We have don’t conform. We think for ourselves. While Sith are enslaved by their passion and dictated by fear, we are not. We don’t let ourselves fall into the trap of romantic endeavours in which we lose ourselves. We don’t let women dictate our lives because we are afraid to be alone. Fear leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. And at the root of fear is attachment.

MGTOW strives for serenity

I might be speaking for myself here, but we went our own way for a reason. We have been hurt. That’s it, I said it. And I’m aware that’s another shaming tactic used by people who call MGTOW “butt hurt men”. But the pain is real. We went through a crisis and found a new resolution. We have walked away from all the drama and decided to go on by our own. After the past trauma, past hurts, after the rage, we want a life of peace and serenity. And there is nothing dark about that.