Is The MGTOW Label Dangerous?

I watched a video recently by a content creator called Nagol Bud (link below), not sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly, who has been around for a while when I look at his channel. The title of his video is “MGTOW is Eating ITSELF” in which he talks about the dangers of the MGTOW label and labeling in general. It’s clear that Nagol Bud opposes MGTOW, the label at least and also several big MGTOW content creators, but I think that he has some interesting things to say.

If it’s true that has blocked numerous users for just “speaking their mind”, as he puts it, then I think that’s a wasted opportunity. Unless these people were trolls of course. For me, MGTOW is about freedom, and freedom of speech as well. I’d like to see an open and honest discussion in which we all can speak our minds. I might be a bit idealistic, but I believe that MGTOW can become stronger if we keep the conversation open. There is a lot to be learned from married men, from blue pill men, from religious people, AND from women. Moreover, I think during my life I have learned most from people that I disagreed with.

Going your own way is NOT a fixed ideology. For myself, I’d say, that I have my own preferences, my own views, my opinions on things that might inspire you in your individual journey, but please do not believe everything I say. I’m just a person, and it’s your job to do your own research and form your own system of values and beliefs. Your life experiences matter as much as mine, and Sandman’s for that matter, and creating content, for me, is mainly about expressing, entertaining and inspiring. It’s NOT about stuffing some ideology down your throat, but sharing my thoughts hoping that they resonate with my fellow men.

And if MGTOW content creators are making money off their work on behalf of the MGTOW label, what’s the difference between them and a  journalist writing for a, let’s say, a right-wing Christian newspaper? Is the journalist wrong for receiving money because he writes for a medium that has a certain label on it? Human perception almost completely consists of labels: from right and wrong to Salafi Muslim and Atheist. It’s how the human mind works. It’s a survival mechanism. Okay, I understand what you are saying: following a specific label is not truly going your own way. I feel that one. Really. But that is the paradoxical nature of Men Going Their Own Way. For me it’s following the individual man’s path, for the other, it’s building a sex doll, and, unfortunately, there are men that waste their energy by totally despising women. Also, you see that a YouTube celebrity like Elliot Hulse is endorsing MGTOW now, although he really has his own ideas and visions for it. I see MGTOW as a huge open canvas on which every man is allowed to put his own creation. So I really can’t decide what men do when they go their own way, but I know that lots of them seek support after being hurt. And I see that many men are being helped and empowered by MGTOW and that’s what’s important to me.

Nagol Bud, I understand it when you resist labels, but the irony is that by resisting labels you automatically put another label on yourself which is the “anti-labeling” label. Or as you put it, “a real individualist going his own way”, which sounds like another label to me. And those labels are as dangerous as any other label.